Karavostassis, greece

Hotel & Resort


Pollonia, greece

Hotel & Resort

Orloff Hotel Hydra Island

Rafalia, greece

Hotel & Resort

Poseidonion Grand Hotel

Dapia, greece

BAR & COCKTAIL, Wellness, Restaurant, Hotel & Resort

Aman at Summer Palace

Beijing, china

Hotel & Resort, Restaurant, Wellness, BAR & COCKTAIL


Vinh Hy Village, vietnam

BAR & COCKTAIL, Wellness, Restaurant, Hotel & Resort


Ekklisia Agios Panteleimonas, greece

Hotel & Resort, HOUSE, Restaurant, Wellness, BAR & COCKTAIL

Aman Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan Island, montenegro

Hotel & Resort, HOUSE, Restaurant, BAR & COCKTAIL

Aman Canal Grande

Venice, italy

Hotel & Resort, Restaurant, Wellness, BAR & COCKTAIL


Bodrum, turkey

Hotel & Resort, Restaurant, BAR & COCKTAIL

The Spire Hotel

Queenstown, new zealand

Hotel & Resort

Split Apple Retreat

Motueka, new zealand

Hotel & Resort, Wellness

blanket bay lodge

Glenorchy, new zealand

Hotel & Resort, Camping & Lodge, Restaurant, BAR & COCKTAIL

l'ancien hôpital

Saint-Hubert, belgium

Hotel & Resort, Restaurant

Hôtel Sacacomie

Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, canada

Hotel & Resort, Restaurant, Wellness, BAR & COCKTAIL


All the projects published on TheTravelPaper® are carefully selected from the works received directly from our correspondents. Some of them are professionals, other amateurs. And this is exactly what makes TheTravelPaper® so diverse.

If you want to share your favorite places in your area on our platform as well, please contact us via email and send us a few sample images in JPEGs (at least 640 pixels wide) and a basic description in your email to give us an idea of your favorite selected places.
Please do not send images combined together in one PDF album, zipped images or links to FTP sites.

All submissions will be reviewed. However, we are often overwhelmed with a huge amount of projects and can only answer selected applications. Even if your projects are selected, please do note that we always have a certain order of posting on our website. We ask you to be patient.

Due to the volume of email, we cannot respond personally to every submission; if we have questions or need further information, we will let you know.
Please note that not all submissions will be published; however, we urge you to submit your work again in the future.

We are unable to pay for photography but we will be happy to give credits, links and full appropriate copyright details. Please make sure you only submit content to us if you are the owner of all intellectual property rights in that content. Please check you own these rights if you are unsure.

We are free to publish content that you submit to us in whole or part on this website or any other site in which we have publishing rights.

By providing submissions to us, you confirm that you agree with these terms.

If you are a PR representative, please note that TheTravelPaper® does not accept unsolicited products, press trips, or other freebies. We look forward to hearing about your architecture and interior design places around the world.

Thank you in advance!


Contact us

We always enjoy hearing from our readers. We always enjoy hearing from our readers at


TheTravelPaper® is interested in great designed places wherever they exist, and welcomes freelance writers to submit new places. To start the conversation, please send us your favorite places around the world —accompanied by JPEG images and a text— to Read more in editorial correspondents.

Tech Support

If you are having problems accessing the site or other technical issues, please email us We will do our best to respond in a timely fashion. If you are seeing distorted text or images, upgrading to the latest version of your browser may help. If that does not work, please email us a screenshot of the problematic page and tell us what browser you are using, the browser version, and whether you are on a Mac or PC. Note: If you are having trouble accessing your Map Files, please email us at and be sure to include your username and the email associated with your account.

Advertising Inquiries

If you are interested in advertising on TheTravelPaper®, please contact us at our advertising inquiries page. We are happy to talk about it.

Other Inquiries

If you would like to contact us about anything that does not fall into one of the categories above, please fill out the following form. Thank you for getting in touch.


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TheTravelPaper® is an online service that enables our members to build collections of speciales and well desiged places through its Travel Files feature, and to share comments with other people on TheTravelPaper® through its Comments feature.

We’d love for you to use our service. Our service is free.

1. You are allowed one membership account on TheTravelPaper®.

2. You are responsible for your activity on TheTravelPaper®, and any activity that occurs under your member name.

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4. You are over the age of 18; or you are 13 years or older and using the site with the permission of, in conjunction with, and under the supervision of your parents or legal guardians. If you do not qualify, please do not use our Site.

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7. You agree not collect images or other content that is spam, or create Travel Files with unethical or unwanted commercial content designed to drive traffic to third party sites in order to boost the search engine rankings of third party site.

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We gratefully acknowledge and thank Automattic for making their Terms of Service available under a Creative Commons license. We have used their Terms as a basis for the following terms and conditions that govern all use of the TheTravelPaper® website (“The Website”) and our related services, including our widgets and other applications.

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1. Your TheTravelPaper® Account and Site. If you create a Travel File collection on The Website, you are responsible for maintaining the security of your account collection, and you are fully responsible for all activities that occur under the account and any other actions taken in connection with your collection of images or videos. You must not describe or assign keywords to your collection in a misleading or unlawful manner, including in a manner intended to trade on the name or reputation of others, and The Gentlemap, S.L. may change or remove any description or keyword that it considers inappropriate or unlawful, or otherwise likely to cause The Gentlemap, S.L. liability. You must immediately notify The Gentlemap, S.L. of any unauthorized uses of your collection, your account or any other breaches of security. The Gentlemap, S.L. will not be liable for any acts or omissions by You, including any damages of any kind incurred as a result of such acts or omissions.

2. Responsibility of Contributors. If you maintain a Travel File collection, comment on another member’s collection, post material to The Website, post links on The Website, or otherwise make (or allow any third party to make) material available by means of The Website (any such material, “Content”), You are entirely responsible for the content of, and any harm resulting from, that Content. That is the case regardless of whether the Content in question constitutes text, graphics, or videos you’ve collected from other websites. By making Content available, you represent and warrant that:

* the downloading, copying and use of the Content will not infringe the proprietary rights, including but not limited to the copyright, patent, trademark or trade secret rights, of any third party;
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* you have fully complied with any third-party licenses relating to the Content, and have done all things necessary to successfully pass through to end users any required terms;
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* your collection is not named in a manner that misleads your readers into thinking that you are another person or company. For example, your video collection’s URL or name is not the name of a person other than yourself or company other than your own; and
* you have, in the case of Content that includes computer code, accurately categorized and/or described the type, nature, uses and effects of the materials, whether requested to do so by The Gentlemap, S.L. or otherwise.

By submitting Content to The Gentlemap, S.L. for inclusion on The Website, you grant The Gentlemap, S.L. a worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, modify, adapt and publish the Content solely for the purpose of displaying, distributing and promoting your Travel File Collection. If you delete Content, The Glentlemap, S.L. will use reasonable efforts to remove it from The Website, but you acknowledge that caching or references to the Content may not be made immediately unavailable. Without limiting any of those representations or warranties, The Gentlemap, S.L. has the right (though not the obligation) to, in The Gentlemap, S.L.’s sole discretion (i) refuse or remove any content that, in The Gentlemap, S.L.’s reasonable opinion, violates any The Gentlemap, S.L. policy or is in any way harmful or objectionable, or (ii) terminate or deny access to and use of The Website to any individual or entity for any reason, in The Gentlemap, S.L.’s sole discretion. The Gentlemap, S.L. will have no obligation to provide a refund of any amounts previously paid.

3. Fees and Payment.

TheTravelPaper is a free service. We may, at some time in the future, add new capabilities and features only available to paying members.

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We have not reviewed, and cannot review, all of the material, including computer software, made available through the websites and webpages to which links, and that link to The Gentlemap, S.L. does not have any control over those non-TheTravelPaper® websites and webpages, and is not responsible for their contents or their use. By linking to a non-TheTravelPaper® website or webpage, The Gentlemap, S.L. does not represent or imply that it endorses such website or webpage. You are responsible for taking precautions as necessary to protect yourself and your computer systems from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other harmful or destructive content. The Gentlemap, S.L. disclaims any responsibility for any harm resulting from your use of non-TheTravelPaper® websites and webpages.

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7. Intellectual Property.

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* Don’t abuse the TheTravelPaper® system. The limits and rules of the The Travelmap functionality are there for a reason -- mainly, to provide a way for members to compile content to assist in their home remodeling or furnishings projects.

Most of all, have fun and enjoy The and your interactions with other members.

If you come across someone who is violating these guidelines, please inform the The Travelmap team and we will look into it as soon as possible.

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who we are

The Travelpaper is an inspirational travel site’s sourcebook posted by people who love art and design. We feature captivating news places from the creative world.

Is a free platform where you can discover, share and save your favourite places from around the globe.

Our goal is to provide a vast number of places for you to enjoy during your travel experience. A collaborative experience where you can add the places you wish to explore.


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TheTravelPaper® Privacy Policy

Principles of the TheTravelPaper®

We don’t ask you for personal information unless we truly need it.
We don’t share your personal information with anyone except to comply with the law, to provide a service you have requested, or to protect our rights.
We don’t store personal information on our servers unless required for the on-going operation of one of our services.

What This Privacy Policy Covers

This privacy policy governs the use of the TheGentlemap, sl.’s website at
It covers how TheGentlemap, sl. treats personal information - that is, personally identifiable like your name, address, and email address.

General Information

TheGentlemap, sl. collects personal information when you register with TheTravelPaper® to use TheTravelPaper® services, or to post content on TheTravelPaper®.
When you register or post a comment, we ask for your email address.
TheGentlemap, sl. receives and records information on our server logs from your browser, including your IP address, cookie, and the page you request in order to operate TheTravelPaper® service.
TheTravelPaper® uses Google Analytics to view aggregate statistics about the usage of the TheTravelPaper® service.

IP Addresses

IP Addresses are automatically reported by your browser each time you view a webpage. IP addresses may be used for various purposes, including:

To diagnose or service technology problems reported by our users or engineers that are associated with the IP addresses controlled by a specific web company or ISP.
To tailor advertising based on geographical area or other information derived from your IP address. Aggregate information derived from IP addresses may also be reported to advertisers.
To estimate the total number of users visiting TheTravelPaper® from specific geographical regions.
To make sure that people are not voting for themselves or friends during contests or promotions.


A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier, which is sent to your browser from a website’s computers and stored on your computer’s hard drive.

You can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies, or notify you when a cookie is set.
If you reject all cookies, you will not be able to use TheTravelPaper® products or services that require you to “sign in,” and you may not be able to take full advantage of TheTravelPaper® service.
TheTravelPaper® uses its own cookies for a number of purposes, including to:

Access your information when you “sign in”.
Keep track of preferences you specify while you are using TheTravelPaper®’s services.
Keep track of your Map File choices.
Store credentials you may use to enable posting to other sites.
Estimate and report our total audience size and traffic.
Conduct research to improve TheTravelPaper®’s content and services.
TheGentlemap, sl. may let other companies (such as Google’s ad network) that show advertisements on some of our pages set and access their cookies on your computer. Other entities’ use of their cookies is subject to their own privacy policies, not this one. Advertisers or other entities do not have access to TheTravelPaper®’s cookies.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Any personal information or content that you voluntarily disclose online (on message boards, in reviews and discussion areas, and within your public profile page, etc.) becomes publicly available and can be collected and used by others.

Your email address and any other information you volunteer when sharing a Map File may be displayed to those users when they access your Map File.

We do not use your email address or other personally identifiable information to send marketing messages unless you’ve opted in to receive such messages. We may, however, use your email address without further consent for non-marketing or administrative purposes (such as notifying you of major TheTravelPaper® Site changes or for customer service purposes).

We use both your personally identifiable information and certain non-personally-identifiable information (such as anonymous user usage data, cookies, IP addresses, browser type, clickstream data, etc.) to improve the quality and design of and to create new features, functionality, and services by storing, tracking, and analyzing user preferences and trends.
If you post personal information online that is accessible to the public, you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties in return. TheGentlemap, sl. does not rent or sell your personal information.

TheGentlemap, sl. will not share personal information about you with other people or other companies without your consent except to provide products or services you’ve requested and in the following circumstances:
TheGentlemap, sl. may be required to disclose personally identifiable information under special circumstances, such as to comply with subpoenas, warrants, court orders or legal process or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims;
It may be necessary to share information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding suspected or actual illegal activities, including without limitation, fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of TheTravelPaper®’s terms of use, or as otherwise permitted or required by law. We will transfer information about you if TheGentlemap, sl. is acquired by or merged with another company. In this event, TheGentlemap, sl. will notify you by email or by putting a prominent notice on the TheTravelPaper® website before information about you is transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy.
We may release personally identifiable information and/or non-personally-identifiable information if required to do so by law, or in the good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with state and federal laws (such as Spanish Copyright Law) or respond to a court order, subpoena, or search warrant.
TheGentlemap, sl. also reserves the right to disclose personally identifiable information and/or non-personally-identifiable information that TheGentlemap, sl. believes, in good faith, is appropriate or necessary to enforce our Member Agreement, take precautions against liability, to investigate and defend itself against any third-party claims or allegations, to assist government enforcement agencies, to protect the security or integrity of our website, and to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of TheTravelPaper®, our users or others.
In accordance with the provisions of Act 15/1999 of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, you are hereby informed that your data will be added to a data processing file under the responsibility of the company The Gentlemap S.L. with Tax Identification Number (CIF) B99373037. You may exercise your rights of access, correction, cancellation and opposition in accordance with the procedures laid down in the aforementioned Act, at the address specified above.

Editing and Deleting Account Information

You may delete your TheTravelPaper® username at any time. You may edit and change other account information at any time.
We may send you certain communications relating to the TheTravelPaper® service, such as service announcements and administrative messages that are considered part of your TheTravelPaper® account.
You may delete your TheTravelPaper® account at any time from your account page; however, please note that your identification and contact information may remain in TheTravelPaper®’s records for some time.
We limit access to personal information about you to employees who we believe reasonably need to come into contact with that information to provide products or services to you or in order to do their jobs.
Your TheTravelPaper® Account Information is password-protected.
In certain areas, TheTravelPaper® uses SSL-encryption to protect data transmissions.

Data Security and Change of Control

TheGentlemap, sl. uses commercially reasonable physical, managerial, and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your personal information. We cannot, however, ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to TheTravelPaper® and you do so at your own risk. Once we receive your transmission of information, TheGentlemap, sl. makes commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the security of our systems. However, please note that this is not a guarantee that such information may not be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed by breach of any of our physical, technical, or managerial safeguards.

If TheGentlemap, sl. learns of a security systems breach, then we may attempt to notify you electronically so that you can take appropriate protective steps. TheGentlemap, sl. may post a notice on the TheTravelPaper® Site if a security breach occurs. Depending on where you live, you may have a legal right to receive notice of a security breach in writing. To receive a free written notice of a security breach (or to withdraw your consent from receiving electronic notice) you should notify us by completing the Contact Us form with the appropriate request.

In the event that TheTravelPaper® is acquired by or merged with a third-party entity, we reserve the right, in any of these circumstances, to transfer or assign the information we have collected from our Users as part of such merger, acquisition, sale, or other change of control. In the unlikely event of our bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, receivership, or assignment for the benefit of creditors, or the application of laws or equitable principles affecting creditors’ rights generally, we may not be able to control how your personal information is treated, transferred, or used.

Changes and Updates to This Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice may be revised periodically and this will be reflected by the “effective date” below. Please revisit this page to stay aware of any changes. In general, we only use your personal information in the manner described in the Privacy Notice in effect when we received the personal information you provided. Your continued use of the TheTravelPaper® Site constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Notice and any future revisions.

For revisions to this Privacy Notice that may be materially less restrictive on our use or disclosure of the personal information you have already provided to us, we will attempt to obtain your consent before implementing such revisions with respect to such information.






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